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The Philippi Trust is a national charitable organisation that provides counselling and accredited counselling training. The Philippi Trust Counselling Service offers therapy for children aged 5 to 16 and Adults 16+


It is provided by qualified counsellors who have additional specialist training in working with children and families. Each counsellor is Police checked (DBS).

Philippi Trust Counselling Service uses Clinical Governance to assess children’s emotional issues before, during and at the end of therapy.

We work with children who have a broad range of issues to work through. Counselling is offered in blocks of 8 sessions. This helps to maintain the integrity of the service provided. As a charitable organisation, we work on a purely donation basis for each session.


Childrens Therapy is available at St Helens Counselling & Training Centre, Southport Counselling Centre 


Please be aware that the Philippi Trust is a Charity and receives no funding from any agencies. To access the Children's Services we request a minimum donation of £27.50 per session and Family Management £35.00 per session to cover our operating costsThere will be an initial payment on when the assessment placed and then payments will be a week in advance of appointment. 


If you have the ability to Gift Aid the trust will also benifit from this recieving an additional 25% of your total donations


'Donating through Gift Aid means charities and community amateur sports clubs (CASCs) can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. It will not cost you any extra.'



The family is the most important structure that we will have in our lives. Building loving, lasting relationships is the most important job you’ll ever have. When you make this your priority, other things seem to fall into place.

The ultimate business of family life is creating an environment in which human beings love and serve one another so they can grow and Flourish.

A successful family doesn’t just happen. It results from a passionate commitment to shared values and from family members who invest their love, time and energy into helping each other discover and pursue their calling.

Family is the sacred ground for training and passing on values and traditions.

Applying good business strategies—vision-casting, team-building, delegating, leading by serving—fosters healthy relationships and efficient home management.

Just as in business, every family hits glitches. Getting off track doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It just means you need to make some course corrections.

If you and your family openly communicate and negotiate your priorities and individual preferences, you’ll be better equipped to make decisions all day, every day.

It’s never too late to begin making changes that lead to a rewarding strong family, and a more satisfying lives.

The end goal of family management is to make sure you have time for the things that matter most. It is an honest and direct approach that all need to be engaged in.

Managing time is about deciding what’s most important and determining, not to let non-priorities over shadow your day to day activities.

Time management is really about self-management, there is no such thing as unimportant time. Every minute is a gift.

When you say yes to something, you’re saying no to something else. Don’t let it be your family.

Somewhere between perfection and chaos, every family needs to find common ground about what makes home a good place to be for all.

Working together to make your house a home and devising a fair and efficient way to care for your home and belongings will reduce stress—both now and in the years to come.

Everyone who lives under the roof of a home should contribute to its upkeep. This is not the job of one or two people.

As soon as children are able to help around the house, they need regular life skills. Even a two-year-old can fold towels and pick up toys. Toddlers won’t fold the towels as neatly as you’d like, but that’s okay. It’s more important that they learn to be productive and see themselves as active contributors to the welfare of the home.

Hundreds of activities are required to keep a family going. Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or routines to make everyone’s life easier. Once you decide how, when, and by whom something should be done, you eliminate lots of frustration.

When your kids grow up and leave home, they will be well equipt for mordern day living and challenges.

Even sharing meal time is the learning centre of family life. There’s something about sitting down and eating together that fosters communication and closeness.

Working with the Philippi Trust, Family management Team you will learn and discover stratagies for you day to day life with your family making the best of your time and dealing with situations as the arise in an appropriate manner.


The Wheels on the Bus!

Philippi Kids increased its reach to raise awareness of Mental Health in Children by visiting schools across the North West! With the help of the Bridge Community Church of Bolton we borrowed their Youth Bus and created the Child Therapy Bus. 


Backed by an enthusiastic team and the eagerness of the pastoral care teams in the school we were able to launch the first awareness day on February 16th 2018 seeing more than 200 children in the day.


We had a fantastic response and more pastoral teams are keen to work with us to spread the word to the younger generation.


Show Your Support!

Providing this service costs money and exceeds the donations that we receive via clients in the community.
We hope to continue our donation only work, so that we are not turning away those that need our help, but cannot afford counselling due to their circumstances.

You can help us to continue our work, helping those in need when they are at their most vulnerable.

If you could donate just £2 a month (that’s only 50p a week!) you would make a huge difference to this valuable and much needed cause.

The Philippi Trust works throughout the UK, and all donations go into improving our services and facilities, so that we can help more people live the fulfilling lives they deserve.

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