Reading Counselling & Training Centre

Where can you go when life seems too difficult to cope with; when you’ve tried but things just aren’t working out; when you feel isolated and there is no-one to talk to?

Philippi Trust Reading provides a safe, confidential environment where you will be listened to with understanding and respect, and where you can gain healing and understanding, and explore ways of moving forward

Philippi Trust Reading offers a broad based, professional counselling service. The model of counselling used is integrative. It combines appropriate secular wisdom with the best of Christian practices in seeking to bring understanding and healing to those in need. 

About Counselling

Our counsellors work on a voluntary basis.

They are fully trained, and drawn from varied professional and Christian backgrounds thus offering considerable experience and expertise. All counsellors receive regular ongoing training and independent supervision.

What problems do we work with?

Our clients come with a wide range of problems, including Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Bereavement or Loss, Abuse, Relationship difficulties, Eating disorders, Self harm, Low self esteemet charge for counselling. Donations are requested on your ab


There is no set charge for counselling. Donations are requested on your ability to pay, so that those who struggle are not denied access to our service. Each counselling session costs us £30.00 to provide and we ask our clients to bear this in mind.

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